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Welcome to the Comfort Line

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Thank you for logging in to On this site you will find many videotapes and power point presentations that explain the Comfort Theory (CT) , define the concepts, offer downloadable articles, and demonstrate how the theory should be used in practice. There is also a section for Frequently Asked Questions and descriptions of how CT evolved. Enjoy!

Currently I am retired as associate professor, emeritus. My husband and I reside in Northeast Ohio where we enjoy being near our children and grandchildren. Hobbies include gardening, walking, reading, traveling, and volunteering. I founded and coordinated a parish nurse program in an underserved, inner city neighborhood. We adopted a sweet 7 year old mini-Schnauzer during Covid and love taking her to various parks near and far. Jenny brings us comfort every day.


For several years I have been working with Dr. April Bice-Braswell, a PhD prepared pediatric nurse practitioner, Associate Professor, and promoter of Comfort Theory. As I am presently enjoying a lengthy retirement with my husband, Dr. Bice-Braswell has taken over many more responsibilities regarding the utilization and dissemination of CT. Her background and interests are now included on TheComfortLine and she should be the primary contact for questions and invitations (e-mails below).  


Dr. Kolcaba

To get started, if you're not familiar with Comfort Theory, click here to view "Comfort Theory 101".

This is an Open Access Site


           We are very happy to discuss nuances of Comfort Theory with you via e-mail or even a phone conference. However, most of your questions are already answered in the FAQ and personal sections on both sites. So please read those thoroughly first before writing to us. We have designed my web sites to be “open access” meaning you do NOT need my permission to use anything on the site, including the instruments, diagrams, articles, pictures, or videotapes. You can copy this blanket statement of permission to show your professor if requested.

            We are most interested in the work you are doing to advance Comfort Theory, and would be delighted if we could post your resulting articles on our site. Please make sure you cite our work correctly in anything that you present or publish. 

            For problems with this website, like a broken link, please contact our web master, Paul, (email at very bottom of page).  Please give requests for a "fix" by describing the topic and paragraph that needs attention. Thank you!

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Taxonomic Structure

for Comfort Theory


Comfort Theory and Practice (2003)

A compilation of work about the outcome of patient comfort. It presents, in one easy-to use text, the various segments of work about comfort... in a personal, user-friendly, and confidence-building format for health care team members. Order in English from Amazon. Also available in German and Japanese.

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