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Holistic Comfort

Holistic comfort is the immediate experience of being strengthened by having needs for relief, ease, and transcendence addressed in four contexts (physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural, and environmental). Much more than the relief of pain.

Type of comfort:


  • Relief – the state of having a specific comfort need met.


  • Ease – the state of calm or contentment.


  • Transcendence – the state in which one can rise above problems or challenges.


Context in which comfort occurs:


  • Physical – pertaining to policies and facilities which promote good health habits & quality of life, periods of rest, fair & flexible scheduling, control over resources and patient care decisions, good ergonomics and spatial arrangements, generous benefits & pension plan.


  • Psychospiritual – pertaining to internal awareness of self, including esteem, concept, values, meaning in one’s work, positive reinforcement, trust, empowerment, creativity, role clarity, support for learning & advancement.


  • Environmental (Organizational) – pleasing work temperature, light, sound, odor, color, furniture, landscape, etc., distinct & strong nursing dept., flat organizational structure, decrease in non-nursing work, extent of team work and mutual understanding.


  • Socio-cultural-political – pertaining to ease of relationships with peers, managers, administrators, and other members of the health system, openness with which new ideas are heard and advanced, good fit with organization, inter-departmental cooperation, work load adjusted for precepting new nurses & students.



Definintion of Nurses' Comfort:  Totality of embeddedness in an organization based on physical, psychospiritual socio-cutural, and environmental attributes of an institution or agency.

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