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Kolcaba Articles by Key Words

Doggie Study, 2008 (See Unpublished but Important Work)

Effects of Guided Imagery on Comfort of Depressed Psychiatric Patients, 2009

The Art of Comfort Care, 1995

A Case Study of a Six-Year-Old Child, 2016

Cognitive Strategies and Bladder Function, 2003

Comfort as a Process and a Product, 1995

Comfort in Childbirth, 1999

Correlations in Bladder Measures, 2002

Comfort Theory and Critical Care, 1996

A Novel Theory for Nursing Education, 2007

Empirical Evidence for the Nature of Holistic Comfort, 2000

Environmental Framework for Dementia Patients, 1988

Geropharmacology, 1989

Guided Imagery and Comfort Radiation Therapy, 1999

Healing Touch Comfort Questionnaire, 2006

Holistic Care Counterpoint, 2001

Comfort Theory and Critical Care, 1996

Hand Massage and Hospice Patients, 2004

Practical Application of Katharine Kolcaba's Comfort Theory to Cardiac Patients, 2014

Measuring Comfort in Care Givers and Patients in Hospice, 2001

Nurse Comfort When Caring for Families Experiencing Perinatal Loss, 2015

Nursing Theory Directed Healthcare, 2009 (Article utilizing Comfort Theory)

Seminal Article: Operationalizing Comfort, 1992

Seminal Article: Comfort Theory - A Unifying Framework to Enhance the Practice Environment, 2006

Seminal Article: Theory of Comfort, 1994

Spreading Comfort Around the World, 1997

Unsafe Nursing Practice, 1996

Veterans' Health, 2015

ACE: A Holistic Model for Geriatric Nursing, 2000

Comfort Care: A Framework for Hospice Nursing, 1997

Comfort Care: A Framework for Perianasthesia, 2002

Comfort Theory and Pediatric Nursing, 2005

Foreign Articles Available

Effects of Hand Massage and Therapeutic Touch on Comfort and Anxiety Living in a Nursing Home in Turkey: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Sebnem Cinar Yucel

The Effects of Music on the Comfort and Anxiety of Older Adults Living in a Nursing Home in Turkey, Sebnem Cinar Yucel

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